Cobenstein (angl.) [pron. cobinștăin or cobi] s. m. 

Your specialist in the creation of wireframes, blueprints, logical schemas, diagrams, prototypes, user flows and functional specifications for your web and mobile applications.

Low and high fidelity wireframing (skeleton, blueprints)

No matter how complex your project is, the wireframes ensure the page content and functionality are positioned correctly based on user and business needs.

And as the project moves forward they can be used as a good dialogue between members of the project team to agree on the project vision and scope.

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Project prototyping

Building a prototype for a presentation is a great way for clients to ‘visualize’ your design concepts and impress on that first meet and greet. The goal is to provide a system with overall functionality. Prototyping helps to eliminate ambiguities and improve accuracy in interpretation of system requirements and functionality.

By using this prototype, the client can get an “actual feel” of the system, since the interactions with prototype can enable the client to better understand the requirements of the desired system. 

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Functional Specification Documents

Writing specification documents and listing requirements is not typically a favorite task for anyone.  We’d rather be designing, coding, and debugging.  But a well written specification can help a project move along more smoothly and therefore be more enjoyable.

Both you and your customer will benefit from having these items clearly explained.  The best method for creating the specification is an iterative approach with joint input, review, and approval.  This creates many benefits both for the supplier and the customer.

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Well, shortly, this is what I can do for your business, projects or applications:

• An experienced and creative user experience professional with proven records.

• Responsible for the user experience and usability planning of several high enterprise information systems.

• Creative and results-oriented professional with relevant background in project management, online marketing campaigns and strategies development.


Specialties: UX, website wireframes and prototyping, project management, Analytics, SEO, website development and optimization.



Who I am



In its basic form, a wireframe can be as simple as a manually drawn diagram that provides a visual representation of a system or a process. The visual detail need not be extensive as long as all the key elements are represented.

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Prototyping is essential for clarifying information requirements. The design of a system (functional specs) must be finalized before the system can be built. While analytically-oriented people may have a clear picture of requirements, others may not.


It is time to make the user flows a bigger priority in our design process.

Often, we prematurely turn our focus to page design and information architecture, when we should focus on the user flows that need to be supported by our designs.

User flows

A formal document used to describe in detail for software developers a product's intended capabilities, appearance, and interactions with users.

Functional specifications

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